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Just because eavestroughs are a necessary part of your buildings structure does not mean that they need to be unattractive or take away from your home's appearance. In fact, by selecting copper as the material for your outdoor drainage system, you can actually enhance and improve the overall appearance of your home's exterior. The shiny bronze coloring of copper that gradually changes to a rich blue-green patina automatically brings to mind some of Canada's most respectable architectural structures, including the Parliament Buildings. The material naturally inspires an elegant and dignified impression upon the passerby. Copper Works Canada has been providing aesthetically pleasing and functional eavestroughs to homes in Toronto and the GTA for many years. Protect your home through simple gutter upgrades.
Durable and Sustainable
Canadian homes are exposed to harsh weather conditions all year round; intense heat in the summer, falling leaves and debris in autumn, heavy snowfall in the winter and rain in spring. By selecting copper for your eavestroughs, conductor heads and downspouts, it is possible to ensure your home is effectively protected form the intense environmental elements. Copper is one of the strongest materials available and will therefore not collapse under the weight of heavy snows or fallen branches. Unlike materials such as aluminum or steel, copper has a lifespan of up to 100 years, so homeowners are rarely faced with the extra hassle and cost of repairs and replacement. One of the major factors that sets copper apart from any other material is that it contains algaecide and fungicide. These elements naturally breakdown leaves, twigs, moss and mould, all of which are capable of blocking eavestroughs. Blocked eavestroughs can have serious consequences on a home's foundation, causing cracks or basement floods, both of which can be very expensive to repair. Copper truly is a smart investment in protecting your property from water damage.
Eavestroughs by Copper Works Canada
Copper Works Canada will not only supply functional, durable and reliable eavestroughs, but their professionals can apply their talents to create unique and elegant designs. There is no need to be stick with the standard round gutters. Copper Works Canada can make intricate patterns and can complete the entire aesthetic with matching conductor heads and downspouts. In addition, we can move beyond the drainage system services and provide other finishing touches to the exterior of your home, such as finials, door handles, and gargoyles.
Through selecting copper, you are not only making the fashionable and functional choice, but the green-friendly choice as well. Copper is a sustainable material and most copper is reused from previous projects, so it does not rest in landfills.
Call Copper Works Canada today to see how we can help protect your home and increase its appearance with beautiful copper eavestroughs.

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